Most frequent questions and answers

To use mail merge for sending mass mails, first gather a list of recipients and their addresses. Customize the email content for each recipient by adding placeholders like <> for names or <> for addresses. Connect the mailing list to your email software, select a template, and insert the personalized fields. This will ensure that each recipient receives an email that seems personalized just for them.

Yes, My Mail Merge offers a free version that allows you to send up to 50 emails per day. To get 1500 credits on a daily basis buy our paid version and enjoy the benefits.

With the free version, you are allowed to send only 50 emails per day. If you require to send more, we recommend upgrading to the paid version, which grants you access to send 1500 emails per day.

There is no limit to subscribers but you can only send emails to 50 contacts.

Sure, we have a single affordable pricing plan for our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then feel free to contact us.

To integrate mail merge you simply need to sign up for Google Workspace or Gmail ID. For sign-up click here.

Absolutely! With my mail merge, you can easily send cold emails. During the free trial, you can send emails to up to 50 contacts. In the paid version, you will have a daily quota of 1500 emailers per day.

Certainly! By using mail merge, you will have access to fetch reports that provide valuable analytical data. These reports allow you to retrieve and analyze the data you need to plan email strategies in future.